About Us


Our History

Fratelli ParisiThe Company “Parisi”  was born by the wise hands of  an artisan Mr. Sabino Parisi in early 1900. In that historical period illuminations were designed as an agglomerate of “Oil Lamps” wisely combined and disposed to express joyful different moments of aggregation within squares, buildings  and streets.  Previously, illuminations were “ . . .  an expression of images depicting monuments, portals, arches of different kind and styles. Illuminations are a continuation of a tradition since the eighteenth century of arches with glass oil that lit the joyful streets and squares during the religious and civil rites”. From generation to generation illuminations have been used whether for the Christmas illuminations  or for the illuminations during festivals ( durante le sagre), patronal  festivities and big public inaugurations. After four generations his descendants are still intent on seeking that perfection of lights and colors, which unfortunately they’II never reach because light and illuminations are like the waves, always moving as  today’ s “Fratelli Parisi s.n.c.”

The Lights

The artists of illuminations are first of all draftsmen and carpenters, electricians then. They do everything themselves: beginning from inventing forms to build wooden frames, until to place ( cominciando dall inventare le forme a costruire telai di legno, fino a piazzare ) bulbs of different intensity and power, to assemble and disassemble a decoration. But after all this hard work in the mount (nel montaggio), here they are, thousands coloured lights stand out in the clear summer nights like gems wisely embedded that remind a work of Longobard or Byzantine jewelry studded with precious stones, where the wooden structure disappears.

All it s color and line, dosed with chromatic mastery and elegant style, in a burst of lights. From the first structures that still remain as the “ Galleries” and “ harmonic-box” , new structures have been created that have taken the name of “back” , “pediment” , “rosette” , and other pieces that can be used to fill empty spaces, such as “bells” , “stars” , the “candlestick”.

The Gallery (a set of arches) reproduces the naves of churches, with the addition of curtains. The pediment reproduces facades of churches and castles. The Harmonic-box  reproduces the inside of a theater,  where the band concerts parade themselves. The only piece reproduces exclusively pieces of fantasy. The Back  is one of the latest innovations introduced in the world of illuminations and it server to cover the perimeter of large squares, creating an illusory construction outdoor.

Parisi Design

Now Parisi Brothers have chosen to put their skill and experience accumulated over the years available to those who would like to realize their vision in light, creating objects of art such as furnishings, lamps, lighting systems originals. Pieces unique.

Visit the website, discover our creations and propose your idea to decorate with light, we’ll achieve it!